Online casino gaming is a very big industry that is churning billions of dollars a year. Thanks to the popularity of smart gadgets, everyone can play online games from their homes. Websites like give you awesome games with unbelievable graphics that you can enjoy playing.

Basics about Netent and Red Tiger

Netent is one of the market leaders in the online gaming industry and this brand has more than two decades of experience in developing casino games and slots. Top global casinos like are listed on this site and you can choose and play up to 200 games.

Red Tiger was founded in the year 2014 and is headquartered in Asia and Europe. This brand has quickly grown into a very smart gaming software developer. The brand keeps churning out top games to the market regularly and is known for its technical brilliance.

The strengths of Netent

When it comes to Netent, players love the rich graphical effects that each game and slot comes with. No two games are alike and there is something new in every game you play. All the games are backed by detailed descriptions and reviews. Trailers are available too.

The games offered by Netent are flexible and can be played via mobiles, tablets, iOS devices, and computers. Irrespective of which gadget you use, the quality of the game does not change. This brand has processed about 58.3 billion gaming transactions for the year 2019 alone.

The strengths of Red Tiger

Though the brand is relatively new, it has grown to become a very vital player in the gaming software development industry. This brand takes pride in its technological brilliance. The brand is able to use the latest innovations to create stunning games and slots.

Another advantage of the brand is its manpower. The people behind the brand have extensive expertise in this field and bring to the table unique ideas and creations that make the brand quite special. This brand also brings to customers hundreds of live and table games.


The acquisition process

In September 2019, Netent announced that it has signed a deal to acquire Red Tiger and all its processes. The acquisition was said to be an all-cash deal with an initial offer of GBP 200 million. This deal will change the face of the online gaming industry.

The acquisition will be complete in 2020 and will help the companies pool their strengths. After the acquisition, Netent will go through major restructuring and this is said to help focus on customer needs and take the next step towards reaching the epitome of the online gaming industry.

How will the acquisition help players?

If you are a player who is loyal to either Netent or Red Tiger, you are in luck. There are so many benefits in line for you. Thanks to the experience of Netent and the technological advancement of Red Tiger, the games created in the future will be mind-blowing.

Their restructuring will give them enough cash flow to offer amazing bonuses and offers to players. You can enjoy playing authentic games with high graphic content with lesser deposits and also make sure you get higher Returns To Player (RTP) for your games and slots.